Our expertise:
Supporting stations and operators in every stage of DAB+ broadcasting

End-to-end management - from transmission site surveying, coverage assessment, antenna system design, equipment specification, integration and installation.

DAB/+ Encoding for all budgets - with automatic backup source switching. We offer managed software and 'HaaS' solutions with floating point encoding, to deliver industry leading quality.

ETSI compliant DAB/+ Ensemble Multiplexing for large and small operators - with advanced features.

Energy efficient and reliable transmitting equipment that pays for itself. Our 'carrier grade' network allows us to control the routing/peering through to chosen access network providers.

Proactive monitoring of every network element and every appliance in the transmission network, digris has ample support resource and infrastructure in place to address any issues of small or large operators.

Being an upstream developer of the OpenDigitalRadio solution, we offer the latest enhancements. Our experience of planning, installation, operation and monitoring DAB multiplexes at 'small-scale' is second-to-none.

Web-based slide scheduler
Displays weather forecast slide carousel
Displays RSS feeds

Powerful multiplex advertising tool for marketeers

From £13 per station, per month.

Available areas and stations we distribute

Here you find details of the small-scale areas in which we broadcast DAB+ radios.

Radio stations distributed by digris Ltd.

Bitrate: 72 Kbits
Cloud Encoding
SLS, DLS, DL+, Slide Manager
Service level

More about us

Digris Ltd is an Anglo-Swiss network operator broadcasting DAB+ radios in Switzerland and France. The company does this on a cost-oriented basis and is thus committed to cultural diversity and an open information society.

Meet the digris team!

Software Engineering | Full-stack - with back-end focus

General information

Right to freedom of information, privacy, eco-balance, interference-free reception and automatic channel search.

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