Thomas Gilgen (80%)
CEO UK (e, g, f)
Responsible for project and company organisation. Member of the board, director at Unikom (association of non-profit radio stations)
Stan Roehrich (80%)
CTO Switzerland (e, f)
Responsible for network planning, deployments and installations. Member of the board of Digris Ltd. and board member of the association.
Lukas Weiss
Board member (e, g, f, i)
Engineer and responsible for the political activities of digris AG (Switzerland). Member of the Board of Directors. Ex-President of UNIKOM, the Union of Not-for-Profit Radios.
Rash Mustapha (100%)
CTO UK (e)
Head of digris operations in the United Kingdom. Responsible for network planning, regulatory liaison and site installations. Board member of digris Ltd, and member of the association. Rash has previously worked in local/national radio, transmission and telecoms companies and in Ofcom's Spectrum, Technology and Networks and Communications groups.
Andrea Good (60%)
Backoffice (e, g, f)
Responsible for administration, personnel, accounting and payment services.
Yoann Queret (100%)
Head of services (e, f)
Responsible for customer service, service management, integration software defined radio and monitoring of the dab+ network.
Gianluca Vescio (80%)
Project manager (e, i)
Electrical engineer, PLC programming, music data base management (service) and project management.
Jonas Öhrström (60%)
Software Development (g, e, f)
Responsible for customer service, software development of the ODR-mmbTools and for the Open Broadcast Platform. Board member of digris AG Switzerland.
Matthias Brändli
Development (f, e)
Software development ODR-mmbTools, Master in Communication Systems at EPFL and board member of Opendigitalradio.
Dani Rüegsegger (100%)
Service and Maintenance (g, e)
Project manager and ICT specialist responsible for customer service, service network operation and maintenance of the transmission systems.
Olivier Boudot (40%)
Net planning (f, e)
Trained HF technician, responsible for network planning in France and antenna installations. Coordination with authorities.
Kai Brenner
Tunnel Coverage (d, e, f)
Contact person for DAB+ tunnel coverage in Switzerland and technical manager at Radio Stadtfilter.