Diversity and Discovery

The new tier of smaller-scale multiplexes, coupled with the innovative technology of digris has created ideal conditions for new and innovative broadcasters. Now there is a possibility for there to be a radio programme for every taste, every age and every interest, in every area. Ease of discovery by listeners within your target area makes DAB an excellent shop-front, particularly for geographically targeted programming.

Free to Air - forever

Reception is completely unencrypted and free from subscriptions. User interfaces are low-friction and stable for the listener. Receivers typically have a very long lifespan, with no designed-in obsolescence.


The user data and habits of the listener are not recorded. In contrast to listening via the Internet, listener privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

Green and Efficient Technology

In a published research report entitled The Energy Footprint of BBC Radio Services, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) examined the actual energy required to broadcast and receive various radio and TV distribution channels. DAB+ had the lowest energy consumption.

Interference-free reception

No buffering, no electrical noise.