Panacea Soul

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Panacea Soul plays Jazz Funk, Soul plus special shows for Northern Soul, Motown & Smooth Jazz. Many people ask “Where did the name Panacea come from?” English speakers took panacea from Latin, meaning “all-healing,” comes from pan meaning “all,” and akos meaning “remedy.” In current use, panacea is most often used to decry a remedy that falls far short of what some claim it can do. Well, we wanted to create a ‘remedy’ for those that enjoy this great music, hence the name ‘Panacea’ and the music we play heals the Soul


Launched in 2020, Panacea origionally produced and provided syndicated shows for radio stations all over the world who were wanting a high quality Jazz Funk or Soul Radio Show for their stations. December 2022 the production team decided to branch out to fill a big gap in the UK with the music they embraced. In early January 2023 Panacea Radio was born.

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